You Oughta Know…

About Us:

We love to talk. I mean really talk.  To each other, to our neighbors, to our friends, to our colleagues, and YOU!  What is one commonality of most of our conversations? Being satisfied with our lives, ourselves, and having enough time.  These days, with both of us working full time while managing our little humans who are as social as we are, it comes down to having enough time to get the checklists checked off, arrive at practices on time, be present with friends and family, and still spend some time dedicated only to ourselves.  How do we do it? We aren’t sure of all the answers, but that’s why we created this blog. To figure it out together, and hopefully pass along what we have discovered to you. Subscribe to our updates to receive time saving tips on surviving and thriving in this whirlwind life of ours!

About Her:

Heather is an Ohio native with a love of travel, fashion, and good books. A former public relations and retail account exec, she dropped the business world in favor of an even more wild endeavor: teaching high schoolers! When she isn’t creating lesson plans or hoping for snow delays, she can be found ubering her daughters from one activity to the next while mentally prepping dinner and hoping for 20 minutes to watch a good Netflix show. She is a sucker for storylines with complicated characters, Taylor Swift music, and taco Tuesday. On any given Sunday she can be found drinking her daily dose of matcha tea and yelling at Cleveland sports’ teams.

About Him:

Justin can best be described as ‘a late bloomer’. He enjoys being a husband, father, and recreational weight lifter, aka he enjoys doing it but isn’t very good! Justin finds pleasure in the details of life, budgeting, style, and whimsy. He fancies himself as humorous, handsome, wordy, and generally awesome. With his gorgeous wife and beautiful little girls in tow, he’s tough to slow down. After his latest accolade of being named employee of the year at his place of work, the sky’s the limit. He’s glad you’re here to share in his unique point of view of the world. Strap in, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show!