I’m That Mom…

In tribute to the upcoming holiday, and because often we look at Social Media as the footprint of perfection, I’m sharing a snapshot of myself as a mother.  I love my girls to pieces, but I’m far from being nominated for the Mom of the Year award and know that there are probably others that can relate to the daily struggle that is being a parent in general.  We are our own toughest critics.  We are doing the best we can, and on many days, that is more than enough.  So, deep breaths, a handful of dark chocolate (because hey, it’s heart healthy!) and here we go!

I’m That Mom…

I’m that mom that wants to have it all together, but my house (and often car) say otherwise

I’m that mom that wants a mani/pedi, but doesn’t have the time

I’m that mom that worries about gaining weight, but also enjoys ANY baked good

I’m that mom that can’t mono-task (seriously, I’m typing this in between loads of laundry)

I’m that mom that desperately wants to look fashionable, but doesn’t have the money so I make do

I’m that mom that wants to get through a meal without having to serve seconds or referee arguments

I’m that mom that wants to eat healthy, but is tired of cooking a made from scratch meal only to listen to the kids complain

I’m that mom that loses her patience quite easily by the end of the night

I’m that mom that wonders if it’s poor form to fall asleep before the kids

Thank goodness for Papas that entertain while Mom naps…

I’m that mom that invokes “Because I said so!” (and secretly enjoys it)

I’m that mom that wants to go somewhere by herself other than the grocery store

I’m that mom that wishes her kids were the chosen ones that got the opportunity to play (in sports and life)

I’m that mom that hates when others don’t get that opportunity, either.

I’m that mom that corrects other people’s kids in my teacher voice

I’m that mom that wants to be fun, but also works full time and is tired.

I’m that mom that is tired…often.

I’m that mom that always has the snacks, and plenty of them.

I’m that mom that lets the kids watch the PG-13 movie because it was such an awesome part of her childhood (and besides, most parts go over their heads like they did mine).

I’m that mom that wants my kids to love the library and reading as much as I do so we can start a family book club when they’re older (just me?)

I’m that mom that loves girls’ night out with other moms where we reminisce that we used to be fun and then head home at 9 p.m. but it was so much fun that we don’t care.

I’m that mom that mom’s other kids at school

I’m that mom that hopes my kids don’t experience the bullying that she did, but have a feeling they will. We all do.

I’m that mom that takes 30 minutes to walk our neighborhood because I have to stop and talk to the other moms that are out.  

I’m that mom that listens to Disney songs even when the kids aren’t in the car (and am often aware they aren’t)

I’m that mom that isn’t mad when both kids want to buy lunch on the same day.  

I’m that mom that is an unpaid Uber driver. Aren’t we all?

I’m that mom that is dreading the day when the kids don’t believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny any longer. And I know it’s close by.

I’m that mom that can’t believe how fast the years go, even when the days of whining feel unending.

I’m that mom that adores her girls’ snuggles and hugs and worries that soon they’ll end

I’m that mom that loves how kind and thoughtful her kids can be.

I’m that mom that wishes she had the patience of her husband.  

I’m that mom that threatens to throw all the discarded socks onto the front yard (and has). 

I’m that mom that is so grateful that the kids have loving and willing grandparents surrounding them.  

I’m that mom that wants my children to make better financial decisions than me. 

I’m that mom that hopes the kids take after their dad because I have too many faults. 

I’m that mom that wakes up regularly at 3 a.m. to start running to-do and worry lists in her head.

I’m that mom that calls and commiserates with her own mother, because now I understand.

I’m that mom. I can relate. 

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