Mega Millions has me Mega-DayDreaming!

If I won $5…

At this point, I would probably start perusing my ever-growing Amazon wishlist for something in line with this frugal budget, like a new hair accessory. Justin would go to Condado for tacos.

If I won $100…

At this point, I’m going to indulge in some little items that can add up quick and would typically buy for others, but not myself. I would put these to use on an evening I like to call “Heather Time”. First up, reusable silicone face lift patches that I have been dying to try by SiO. It’s basically a temporary fix for those too intimidated to give Botox a try (raises hand). I would add to the mix by picking up one of the gazillion new books I am forever adding to my reading list (like my amazon wishlist, it is NEVER ending) like THIS, and round out my winnings by picking up these fun things for my girls (and Justin).

Justin would go to Condado for tacos.

If I won $500…

Okay, things just got real. I mean, if I had actually won this amount. Can you imagine? Neither can I. Okay, at this point, I’m thinking either a few fun gifts for us or something to enhance our home. Here are my current but far too pricey wants to justify right now:

GE Ice maker (think the GOOD ice, like Chik Fil A or the hospital has)

GE Major Appliances OPAL01GEPKT GE Profile Opal | Countertop Nugget Ice Maker, Stainless Steel Wrap with Gray Accents & LED Lighting- Priced at $549, I could justify paying the difference for this delicious addition to my beverages!

SOLO Smokeless Outdoor Fire pit– I am ALWAYS cold. I am the person sitting under a blanket in the summer because Justin has the air up. So, this is truly one of the best gifts I could ever get! Well, this and heated floors, but that comes when I hit the big time. For now, fire up this baby and get me some marshmallows!

At $349, this option leaves me with money to spend (side note- Justin bought this as a gift for the family for Christmas, we just got it last week, so I will let you know how we like it!)

If I hit the jackpot (indulge me, money is no object)

So…here’s what’s funny. I started hopping around online to look at big ticket items, but honestly, I cannot even fathom that amount of money in a daydream and when I tried, I mostly determined I would (maybe) still look for good deals, no matter how much money I acquired. But…If I simply HAD to, here are some of the places I would spread the wealth.

First, I would give back. We would never spend that entire amount in our lifetime (well, that I could imagine right now at least!). I would give back to our town’s assistance program that helps those that are struggling by making annual donations as well as revamping their entire building (it is our old elementary school).

Then, I would create scholarships for both my kids’ school district and the one I teach in. If lack of money is the only reason a kid can’t attain their goal, I want to help and be a part of exciting, creative young adults.

Finally, animals. While we can’t have cats due to family allergies, I have always adored them and their sarcastic, selective attitudes. Dogs are sweet too, and perhaps one day we will adopt one, but for now, I will donate to local centers like The Cat Cafe or Angels for Animals in my hometown that help care for and re-home these fur babies.

Around the world travels (specifically Sorrento, Italy and Vevey, Switzerland) or wouldn’t it be amazing to LITERALLY travel around the world for a year?! I’d most likely need longer and perhaps someone to go ahead of me to each location and spray for scary bugs (hey, I’m rich, I can do that!). But, if you want to travel the world in a more budget friendly and responsible manner, here is a helpful article I found to do just that!

visiting all 50 states

Some of my relatives have managed this feat and for me, I need to make it happen, though I adore spending multiple vacations at Disneyworld. I suppose when I’m that rich, I could rent out the park for all of us for an evening! I thought this article was helpful in planning and budgeting for travel and there is even an All Fifty Club you can join, including sightseeing items in each state!

This is such a great idea, a scratch off map as you visit each state!

A mini lap pool so I can pretend to be an Olympic hopeful and then struggle out of the pool after 5 measly laps!

A reading nook (and library) where I can hide from my kids!

And last but FAR from least for me, a heated floor (because brrr…it’s cold in here!)

What would you buy with your winnings? (FYI, Justin informed me our chances are 1 in 302.5 million…so you’re saying there’s a chance…)