Goal Setting in 2021

Hello friends, I hope you are doing well as we stagger through this first week of the new year.  I am not sure what I was expecting, but apparently it was for the clock to strike twelve and COVID to recede, masks to be dropped, and everyone to magically begin getting along. Clearly, none of that has occurred. More realistically, I remain hopeful that we will spend this year working towards solutions on all of those fronts, and for me, I have set quite a few goals or carryovers from this past year that I hope will contribute to a sense of normalcy for me and everyone else, so I thought I would share them with you to inspire but also maybe keep myself more accountable!

  1. Read one book a month

I started this a few years ago because I found I never made time for myself or I would sit down to read only to be bombarded with children’s books. Don’t get me wrong, I love that my girls enjoy reading as well, but I’m so glad that McKenna has become so independent at reading on her own or even next to me and we can both enjoy our books.  My first year I beat my goal of one book a month, and really just setting a reminder on my phone for even 15 minutes a day gave me something to look forward to.  Currently I’m reading a self-help book about by Jennie Allen titled Get Out of Your Head, but I also have a Riley Sager one awaiting my attention too, The Last Time I Lied.

  1. Date night with Justin once a month

It seems like if it isn’t in my planner, it’s lost somewhere in the 64,343 item to do list in my brain.  That’s why we try to sit down and lay out our year (and no, we haven’t yet done it, but it is written down, that’s a start!)  Typically we look at the year by month and try to come up with fun, often inexpensive ways to spend time together sans kids.  Sometimes it’s as simple as putting the kids to bed and playing a board game (I’m currently obsessed with Mexican Train Dominoes or any sort of Trivia game, like I Should Have Known That!) or writing letters to each other, but the fact that it is scheduled again, gives us something to look forward to and we have regular adult time, which is so very important to keeping our communication and relationship together!

  1. Treat others kindly

This one, yes, I do, but let me elaborate.  This is directed at my children and my students.  First, I often come home after a day at school and can feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and just generally cranky.  Who does it get directed towards?  The people in my home, often the kids.  It isn’t intentional, but you know, family tends to bear the brunt of our emotions as I’m sure everyone has experienced. So, I have been working on being aware of how I’m feeling and making a concerted effort to avoid taking out anger and frustration on those that don’t deserve it.  Instead, I am trying to hop on the treadmill once I get home for 30 minutes and either rock out to music via Spotify or decompress with a magazine.  Even walking, I feel such a release of energy once I’m done and much more ready and willing to find my patience.  The second part, in working with my students, some personalities just tend to get under our skin or frustrate us, and I have found that by viewing each of my students the way I would want a teacher to see my own children, I am much more patient and empathetic towards them. I try to keep in mind that you really cannot go wrong when you have their best interest and care at the forefront of a response.  

  1. Write more often as an outlet

I always have great ideas or information I think would be so helpful to vent and/or share with you on here, but it’s almost always when I’m driving, grocery shopping, or cooking dinner so obviously it gets pushed to the back of my mind and then never happens.  I’m hoping, again, to write down these ideas as they come to me and also share with you twice a month (hopefully even more often) about life this year.  I started the blog because I like to communicate with others and want to find the time to do so.  It’s definitely all about the planning and keeping all my balls in the air, for sure, but if there is a topic that you want my perspective on, let me know and I would be happy to do a post!

  1. Actually LOOK at my pinterest pins

This one kind of makes me giggle when I read what I’ve written.  You go onto Pinterest. You find items that appeal to you.  You click save.  You never view them again.  Are you with me?  And truly, I am incredibly guilty of this process.  There are probably hundreds (I wish I was exaggerating) of pins I have done this with that have never been revisited for whatever their original intended purpose was to be.  So, I plan on taking baby steps.  I started with my workout folder that had over 200 (what!?) workouts pinned.  I went through them all on a Saturday afternoon (By this I mean I clicked on them, did not actually DO them…that would be amazing).  I removed duplicates or links that didn’t lead to the right page.  I already deleted 50.  Then, I realized in the comment section I could keep track of when and how often I utilized the workout.  I’ve started doing this to add variety back into my routine and I plan on doing this or at the very least, cleaning out these folders 1 at a time, each weekend.  

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So…those are my initial hopes and goals for the year at a glance. I am always trying to find more ways to be a better person and more efficient in any aspect, so if you have goals you are setting and working towards, I would love to hear them so I can continue to feel motivated and inspired!