Slowing Down and Focusing on Y-O-U

So, it’s been a minute since I last hopped on here, I will use my go-to excuse for the year: 2020. This year has not been an easy one, but with school starting back up, I have never been so exhausted.  

Today I am taking a day off.  Typically I use my personal days to offset the days McKenna’s district doesn’t have school, but today, I took a day just because I wanted to, and at 5:09 this morning when I woke up, I was totally anxious, because I didn’t want to waste a second of my freedom.  When you’re a mom and a teacher, your time (and basically life) is dedicated to what other people need and want.  I reached out for suggestions on how to spend the day via social media because, honestly, I don’t know anymore what I want (other than to win the lottery and have ‘Heather’ days on a regular basis!).  Here’s what I realized:

I’m fairly easy to please. This is what I want to do:

*I don’t want to cook for anyone (including myself) today.  

*I want to get through more than 5 pages of a book without someone interrupting me or a timer going off (I’m reading Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime currently and it’s SO interesting and an entertaining/insightful read).

*I want to enjoy the sun and fresh air today (and perhaps some peace and quiet along the way!?)

*I want to spend time in a store of MY choosing without kids running around chasing each other or rushing home for nap time.

*I need to finalize the Christmas list of ideas for the kids and the rest of our family

*I want to do something indulgent (give myself a manicure, buy a cute new shirt or pants, just because, pick up a new book, or swing by a bakery)

And that’s it.  It seems like I should have some sort of more detailed idea of relaxing, but this list also sounds awesome because if I don’t cross something off of it, it’s okay.  These are all items I enjoy doing, nothing that makes me cringe.  And today of all days, Election Day, when everyone is arguing and angry with each other simply because we have differing opinions, I’m so glad I took a day to slow down and concentrate on all that I have to be thankful for in life!

So…at 7:49 p.m. I am calling it a successful if fairly undervalued day. Here’s what I did:

*I did end up cooking, but it was just dinner and just homemade bagels for my darling gluten-free husband (they were delish as always; recipe here!)

*I read 52 pages of my book (almost uninterrupted. That’s a win!)

*I took a 2 mile walk through the neighborhood today and enjoyed the brisk morning air and gorgeous sunshine. I listened to a new (to me) podcast a friend recommended that attempts to understand the Heaven’s Gate Cult (A must listen!)

*Yes, it’s not all that fashionable, but I spent a bit of time in Walmart and splurged on TWO new nail polish colors (My nails are sporting the espresso version for work tomorrow!)

*Christmas?  Well, I put that off for just a bit.  

*Indulge in food? I’m a simple beast. After voting this morning I swung by McDonald’s and indulged in a sausage biscuit and that buttery goodness was worth every freaking calorie I ingested. I’m not even sorry.  

All this, plus I voted (1 hr in line while ignoring everyone else gossiping around me and continuing to enjoy my book); I dropped off donations to a few local organizations, I picked up lunch, I took a nap, and I ended my evening playing a fun new game with my oldest.  While it was by far not an exciting day, it was leisurely, and I did not spend a moment rushing through it.  Relaxation at its best!