Listen up!

This weekend could NOT be better, weather-wise! Sunny, mid-sixties, a slight breeze. It’s almost like a fall temp. and I adore the fall. Which means I intend to spend the majority of the day outside again, just like we did yesterday. If you’re into weekend vibes of getting stuff done and enjoying every second, might I suggest forgoing tunes in favor of podcasts? Trust me, there are options out there for everyone.

I always feel more inspired to clean or do work that is less than appealing when I am able to do something I enjoy at the same time, and podcasts have become my favorite form of multitasking zen. As a mom of two little kids, I rarely get to read for hours on end, but listen to a story while I work? You bet! Here are some that I really enjoy and are totally worth your while!

CulpableThis podcast is a must for anyone who is interested in true crime mysteries. Christian Andreacchio’s life was taken by a bullet, but was it more than one and how could the angle possibly have been suicide, which was the police response. Add in the parasite-like girlfriend and close friend who’s claims fall short and you have what appears to be a coverup and political gains in this small town of Lauderdale, Mississippi.

To Live and Die in L.A.– You may see a trend in this list. I have a fascination with unsolved crimes, especially when they take place in an area where I lived at one point, and gosh L.A., I miss you! In 2018 an aspiring actress disappeared from her Hollywood apartment. Narrated by Rolling Stone journalist Neil Strauss who investigated and reported on the case, get an inside look at this intriguing case where there are too many twists and turns to count, including a controlling boyfriend (who was already living with another woman) and his own father who had a strange fixation with the missing woman.

Bad Batch– I was introduced to this from another podcast that advertised it, though I don’t remember which. It is a true story dealing with transplanting stem cells and how this can go terribly wrong. Yes, there is some medical jargon involved, but overall it is patients that had good and awful experiences with a company that struggled to take responsibility for where they were getting these cells and about the greed and manipulation involved by the medical sales industry. I listened to quite a few of these episodes during a solo road trip and was hooked!

Lore-This might be easily my favorite on the list, if just for the sake of longevity. Each episode is an independent story of our country’s dark history, according to narrator and researcher Aaron Mahnke. From the origins and little known tales of our terror for the occult, to cities built on top of bodies, to urban legend beast sightings, the episodes are always intriguing and often connect to items in our current day, pop culture world. I live for the new episode released each week and often force Justin to listen too as we get ready for work in the mornings.

How I Built This– Hosted by NPR, each episode is the story of how a company was started and grown from often meager beginnings or on the whim of a happy hour conversation. Flip through their list of episodes to hear about well known companies such as Soul Cycle, StitchFix, Toms, and more! The background of the developers is amazingly interesting as is the way their ideas often morphed throughout the building process.

She Thrives Radio-This has been a difficult year for me. I have struggled personally and professionally to feel that I am on the right path and that I am good enough to continuing learning and teaching in my educational profession, so I was hoping to find a podcast that would help teach me how to gain confidence and approaches to situations where I could learn and grow. I found this podcast created by Life Coach Taylor Gage talks about topics that impact so many, from feelings of inadequacy, stress, anxiety, balancing your life, and meeting your needs in a realistic manner. She is blunt and as she states, “no BS involved”. So episodes spoke to me more than others, but overall I was impressed to hear so many of my own thoughts echoed in her topics each week.

Ten Percent Happier-Good Morning America journalist and weekend anchor Dan Harris created this podcast after he experienced an on-air panic attack and realized he was dealing with a high level of stress and anxiety. He began to explore the idea of meditation and how that can impact wellness. Again, I like hearing how others combat these issues in their own lives (I think it reiterates that I am not the only person who struggles) and find helpful tips throughout his conversations with an array of people from a variety of backgrounds. It helps that he speaks in a manner that is free of jargon and easy to follow. I see us being buds if I ever moved to the NYC.

Doctor Death-According to the summary in my app, “We’re at our most vulnerable when we go to our doctors. We trust the person at the other end of the scalpel. We trust the hospital. We trust the system”. This podcast is the story of a surgeon who was self-proclaimed to be ‘the best’. Located in Dallas, Texas, a large number of patients died or were severely injured under his care. Learn what happens to both the doctor and his patients in this tense storytelling that makes getting a second opinion a necessity.

WorkLife with Adam Grant– Yeah, there are TWO trends happening in this list. I like unsolved mysteries and I am starved for ways to make the most of my life and time. This podcast, sponsored by TED, “explores the science of making work not suck”. I especially appreciated the episode titled Burnout is Everyone’s Problem. I like the tips that are given in each installment here Grant and his guests on how to adjust your frustration and create a better environment for yourself.

So, that’s my current list, but I know there are plenty more out there that I have yet to encounter. Tell me if you have one that you love and I will add it to my growing list. I’m off to pick up some last minute clothes and supplies for our upcoming beach trip, have a great weekend!