Define Normal

Well, another school year has come and gone, no matter how strange the ending, and I most definitely exhaled a sigh of relief Thursday evening. It’s been a stressful and exhausting last 2 months and I am excited for summer and a tiny bit of relaxation (can’t necessarily say that for sure with an 8 and 4 year old!). I pulled up our annual summer to-do list and then I realized: half of the activities listed are a maybe or not this year. It’s depressing to consider!

  • Amusement Parks? Probably not
  • Movies? If you have an at home theatre
  • Splash Pads? Who knows.
  • School or park playgrounds? Funny.
  • Lemonade Stand? Will anyone get close enough or ask the kids to disinfect first?

These are the questions that roll through my mind as I re-work our summer and hope that my kids can still live their best lives (and they will, because they are kids and they are resilient). So, while we wait impatiently to better understand how our local pool will allow us to use the facilities, these are some of the additions and must do’s this summer for me and my girls (and yes, I am still letting them have their lemonade stand, call me an idealist or a rebel, I don’t care!).

There will be water

Whether it’s simply playing in THIS water table, running through our sprinkler, or pegging each other with water balloons, these kids (and often mom and dad) love a good cool off option! I just purchased this splash mat for the girls to play in. It’s not a replacement for the pool for sure, but another fun option for this summer.

These are a hot commodity with our kids. They just go SO fast!
This option is similar to what we have and the girls love that the sprinkler arms wave every which way, but check out the UNICORN option!? If it wasn’t so windy where we live, I would have this in our yard all summer long!!!

Artistic Options

These craft/creative projects can be done outdoors and are a great alternative when you need a water break. We have painted rocks the last few years and both of my girls LOVE to make their own special creations and then hide them around the landscape for fun surprises. We do holiday themes, cartoon characters, and plenty of rainbows too! The best part is, when you run out of rocks, you typically have plenty of paint left, so we just go rock hunting around outdoors and have a whole new selection for new landscape creations. Here is the latest option that was delivered to us yesterday (yes, Amazon probably knows me by first name these days!).

This kit comes with two sets of paint, making it easier to share between siblings!

Tie Dye Trend- EVERYONE and EVERYTHING seems to be reverting back to my childhood in the 80s and 90s and I’m not gonna lie, I am even pretty pumped about trying my hand at this! I bought THIS kit of dye colors and also t-shirts of our preference (I bought THESE for both girls and THIS option for myself. We are hoping to create these next week, so I will report back!) I also found a few youtube videos on how to create specific designs here and here.

Other options

Here are a few more ways we plan on living our best lives this summer, I’d love to know what you are doing as well so we can get creative and have as much fun with the girls as possible!

  • Find some ducks or a small nearby pond and feed them!
  • Build your own comfy theatre and settle in with popcorn and the $1 candy boxes from your grocery store. Some of our current favorites that were recently released on the Disney+ streaming service are Onward and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.
  • Create your own outdoor treasure hunt (or use THIS one that is basically ready made!)
  • Let the kids have a ‘picnic’ lunch indoors when it’s storming. I just throw down a blanket or two to protect the carpet, and they think it’s amazing!
  • fashion shows-my oldest is a performer and constantly forcing me to the couch to be her audience. I took this idea and drag the girls upstairs to try on clothes each season. It allows me to clean out their wardrobe and they think it’s a show!
  • Find a local Fairy Trail and take a family hike. If you live in the Columbus area, we recently visited one at Infirmary Mound Park in Licking County and the girls were amazed!