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Why I can’t get ANYTHING accomplished

We (I) started this blog as a way to force myself to write regularly. And it’s not like I don’t enjoy it, but finding the time to …sorry, I was called away by Justin to see some ridiculous moment on Tarek El Moussa’s new TV show…another distraction! Oops, sorry again, Emerson just came in to tell me some very important information: Her iPad is charged and she NEEDS to watch My Little Pony. Okay, do I even NEED to explain why it’s next to impossible to get items checked off of my To Do list? I used to have focus, I used to have motivation, then, I had kids. Now if I get dressed, get them dressed, keep them (and me!) fed throughout the day, it’s a freaking miracle. How on earth do they need snacks every 15 minutes? And why do I, as well? We have been in this Stay at Home quarantine state for almost 2 months now, and to say it’s wearing on my nerves is an understatement. I get the need to keep people safe, but this was not supposed to be a permanent solution and to be honest, life needs to get back to living! So, in that spirit, I’m getting back to writing, even if it takes 24 hours (and it may!).

How can I get anything done with these two constantly underfoot?! It’s a good thing they are so adorable!

+ Drinking: water, and realizing that since I skipped my morning workout, I haven’t had nearly enough today. Gotta hydrate, people!

+ Eating: A delicious chocolate and peanut butter ice cream cone. This quarantine has brought about what seems to be a daily indulgence of sweets without nearly enough movement on my part. But damn, it was tasty!

+ Watching: The updated version of The Lion King on Disney +. The girls love this and I can’t say no to most anything Disney-related, especially since it includes some of my faves, Billy Eichner and Seth Rogan.

+ Excited for: Speaking of which, I’m so looking forward to another Disney sing along tomorrow evening, we loved the first one they made!

Reading: So many books have been started, but then I can’t choose which one to pick up on any given day! Eek! Current favorite is Called Out by Paula Faris, where she writes about trying to have a successful career and family and path in life, without anxiety and stress. It seems like she is talking to me these days! Here are a few others in the pile I’m working my way through: The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell, The Locals by Jonathan Dee, Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue, Idaho by Emily Ruskovich, The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware, and Internment by Samira Ahmed. Yes, I have quite the list, and I just learned about another one that just came out that sounds super creepy and intriguing, The Farm by Joanne Ramos. Have you read any of these or have recommendations? I have an ongoing list, tell me what’s worth my time!

+ Amazed by: my fabulous husband. He entertained my dad while my mom and I ran an errand and made to die for burgers for everyone this evening. How did I get so lucky? Still trying to figure that out!

+ Buying: According to my husband, EVERYTHING! But, really, some new hair options for me and my mom were purchased for our Mother’s Day gifts (L’Ange Sea Salt Spray to help volumize and thicken, a new round brush since mine finally bit the dust, and since I’ve already tested out the conditioner, I can safely say it’s amazing! The over 8k outstanding reviews do NOT lie!

+ Confused by: Mean parents of students I really am trying my hardest to help in this chaotic time. As a teacher, I know email isn’t the greatest conveyor of emotion but geez, remember how you sound, people. I’m trying my best and rudeness and being impolite paints you in a VERY poor light. Thankfully 99.9% of parent communication I have received has been polite, friendly, and grateful.

+ Cooking: Do frozen french fries count? I typically do the majority of the cooking, but Justin broke out the sliders tonight and mm, mm, good! But…I did cook earlier this week, I LOVE making my own pizzas and this Balsamic, Pear, and Onion recipe is by far my favorite! You will NOT be disappointed. TIP- apples can be substituted for pears and use Naan bread, it is perfect for homemade pizza! To see more of the tried and true meals we can’t get enough of, check out my pinterest page!

Wearing: JEANS! Shocking, right? I know! It’s my weekly fit trial and thankfully, I’m still winning at quarantine eating, but it could go either way when I go on a baking spree (it’s often). I am also sporting a comfy tank from the brand 1.State similar to THIS and covered up with my Barefoot Dreams cardigan since this Ohio May weather feels more like mid-January today. Brrr!

Regretting: Well, I probably could have done without the ice cream. And…my parents decided to come and visit us for the day, pandemic or not, they live 3 hours away and I haven’t seen them in 3 months. I realized after they left we didn’t even take a picture, we should have. So here’s a fairly recent stand in of my parents and the girls!

The girls with my parents outside their house on Christmas day, what a crazy beautiful day, oh that Ohio weather!

Wishing: I had more free time to read and just feel relaxed, but with me, I’m not sure that is possible. If I could stay in bed for the next week, that would be amazing! But alas, I’d settle for a day of reading and perhaps a girls’ catch up dinner. I really hope I will be able to schedule this with my friends soon, I miss them!

Thinking About: Why my face keeps breaking out. It can’t be the ice cream! Well, maybe… Or perhaps the stress? The snacks? Oh well, maybe tea would help. Yep, a lovely warm cup of tea sounds like the perfect way to unwind from this day.

Considering: how to go about winning the lottery. I’d be good at flipping houses. If only I had all that money to purchase and revamp!