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Give new life to your shoes

As a man, fashion is typically the last thing on our minds. Honestly, if you shop with any regularity, it’s always the same stuff. Pants, shirts, sweaters and the occasional suit depending on your job or after work activities. I’m not a trendy dude, if you’ve see the ‘about me’ picture or the image from my weight lifting endevour, you’ve already figured this out. What I do particularly take pride in is my style and before you ask if there’s a difference between trend and style, yes… Yes there is!

Today I’m sharing with you one of my favorite things to wear. My boots! I picked these up for $40 on a surprise trip to NYC with my lovely wife. I never fancied myself a ‘boot’ guy but since my luggage was lost, these were affordable, I made the purchase. I figured, like most of my previous shoe purchases, I would wear these until the leather wore out and soles wore down. Then something magical happened, Heather introduced me to shoe repair! I had no idea this was a thing and I’m SO glad as it added years to the life of the boots.

I’ve owned them now for over 3 years and I thought it was time to start looking at new boots as the leather was looking worn and as if it was ready to be replaced. As I started perusing the net for my next pair I wanted something that would last, something that could be completely resoled and I would have until I was too old to lace them up anymore! This research lead me to simple tips on cleaning leather boots and I was astounded by what I found.

Simply brushing my boots with a horse hair brush brought out new life in my boots! The color was restored to the heel and toe of the boots. Keep in mind, there was no polish used, this is all from about 30 minutes of brushing. Some of you are reading this and laughing and I’m perfectly fine with that. My boots look almost as good as the morning in NYC that I pulled them on my feet. See for yourself.

My next step is to get leather conditioner in hopes to repair the deep scratches that the brush couldn’t heal. I’ll post an update once I have it applied and share with you what I purchased, how I applied it and whether or not it makes the impact that simply brushing the leather did. Stay tuned!

The brush I used is about 20 years old! The brand is Kiwi if you’re interested. Hopefully you’re as passionate as I am now about keeping your shoes in top shape, if so, share your thoughts and process below. I’d love to hear more tips!