Health and Fitness, where I started.

Your health and fitness should be a personal, guiding principle in your life.  If it’s not, make it a priority otherwise you’ll end up missing out on a lot! For me, getting strong was my first goal.  So, I started with the authority on building strength, Mark Rippetoe. If you don’t know Mark’s work, he’s a polarizing figure in the fitness industry as he’s honest with people.  You don’t find that much in a space that’s dominated by ‘Bro-science’ and anecdotal evidence every where you look. Starting Strength teaches you compound lifts that will help anyone build functional strength and make living life easier.  There’s even a sample program in the book that you can follow provided your reasonably mobile and dedicated. You can even search for SSC coaches in your area from their website!

I asked for this book Christmas of 2017 as I kept injuring myself during my linear progression phase. Reading the book refined my technique and in doing so allowed me to push past my previous personal records. All the while avoiding injury with regard to weight training. While I’m still not the strongest person I know, focusing on that misses the point! This is my journey and everyday I take a step forward. If your health and fitness goals involve increased strength, better sports performance or simply moving through life more easily I can’t imagine a better place to start!