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Quick Work Out

Saturday mornings are the hardest day of the week for me to get a workout in. I feel like I deserve a little extra shut eye, and when I do roll out of bed, I want my tea and a little breakfast/news time before I am even remotely awake. But…when I finally head down to the basement, whether it’s some time on the treadmill or a quick lifting session, I’m always happy I forced myself to do it. I feel good and set myself up for better food choices and a more active day it seems.

I am super particular about how my clothes fit, especially when working out. I have been a fan of Old Navy activewear for years now. Their pricing and quality is so reasonable and allows me to feel I look good even when I am a sweaty mess! THIS top is on sale right now, and the blue-green color just happened to match our master bedroom wall, so clearly I have an affinity for this shade! It runs true to size and isn’t super tight!

I got my first pair of ColorfulKoala leggings for Christmas and can definitely say they won’t be my last. They are so soft and reasonably priced (seeing a theme here, friends?) and the best part, they don’t show through, they don’t move all over when I’m working out, and they don’t hit weird/uncomfortably in the crotch. All wins in my book. Again, run TTS and can be purchased through Amazon in a variety of colors.

Lastly, I am in a constant state of cold during the winter (and often during the summer when Justin controls the air conditioning!) so I was in the market for tops that scream warm and cozy. My outing to Old Navy once again did not disappoint. I picked up THIS turtle neck and am considering living in it until March (It’s Feb.1 people). It’s a lightweight fleece and comes in several colors. I could have gone with an xs, but sized up for a less fitted look. I would definitely choose this top the next time my kids want to visit the zoo this winter or even just a day of running errands (those grocery aisles get cold!). Best part? It’s on sale for $15 this weekend!

In the end, I made it through my workout and lived to tell about it (I wouldn’t be typing otherwise!). If you’re curious, I did a quick circuit workout I just made up as I went. 5 minutes on the treadmill at a fast walk, then 2 minutes off of either bodyweight workouts like leg lifts or walking lunges or light weight bicep curls or tricep lifts. All told, about 25-30 minutes and it went fast! If you’re interested in additional workouts I have tried, checkout my pinterest page for inspiration at coolasbise/workouts!