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Dad’s Day Celebration

After an exhausting week running the girls all over, my husband arrived home yesterday from his IT conference in Orlando and boy, was I ever glad to see him! I don’t think the girls ask too much,but being the only parent that is available to do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING really does catch up to you quickly. I know that there are probably a million times a week when I take Justin and all that he contributes to our household for granted. Whether he is handling all of our finances (and balancing my shopping), or meticulously landscaping our yard, he makes sure to spend time with me and the girls. Sometimes it’s with evening walks through the neighborhood, karaoke and dance performances, or wrestling matches with our always-energized girls. No matter what is going on, he keeps us as his top priority, and I appreciate that more than anything. This Father’s Day, for the guy who claims to have everything and has repeatedly asked me not to spend money on him (it’s killing me, you know), I decided to go simple, but effective.

He enjoyed the Air & Space Museum in D.C. as much as McKenna (Definitely more than Em!)
Living it up on the zoo carousel!
I told you they were exhausting!
How can we not love these faces!?!

First, this past Christmas he received a smoker from his parents that he has yet to try out, so I hit up our grocery store and picked up ribs and chicken wings. Next, I went over to Home Depot and got these Pecan Wood Chips to flavor meats in the smoker. We will have some amazing dinners this week!

Secondly, we are a family of picky eaters. Some of us just because we can be (cough*kids* cough), some of us due to dietary restrictions. Justin has Celiac’s, which means his body can’t digest gluten. With all of this to deal with, it’s no wonder we all pack our lunches on a regular basis, it’s easier on the wallet and the stomach. While we have tupperware to store many of our options, when we decide to meal prep for the week, we quickly deplete our storage options, so I decided to get some new lunch storage from Amazon to make the start to the week a little less painful.

Lastly, I started this years ago, and have been answering these same questions with updated responses each year from the girls about their dad. Below are Eme’s latest responses, since she is talking and understanding (sometimes) more and more lately! When I have more time to plan ahead (someday!) I like to frame it, or make it a bit more fancy. McKenna also recreated a version of s a homemade card, which I adore.

While these gifts may not be the most exciting options out there, but when you want to show appreciation while keeping costs down, this is one way to go!

As far as tomorrow goes, Justin typically makes Sunday brunch for all of us, so I am going to beat him to it and make his favorite blueberry muffins. They are delish and GLUTEN FREE! I’ve even done a berry mix option in the past, and they have always turned out great! Along with this we’ll do our usual bacon, eggs, and fruit salad. We’ll take a trip to the pool to get some sun, and after a lazy nap, enjoy those lovely ribs for dinner. I’m looking forward to a fairly perfect day tomorrow, what about you? I’d love to hear all of your plans, and any cool and creative gift ideas for the dads in your lives. Dads of all sorts, enjoy a wonderful day celebrating your amazing selves!

Here’s to the best part of our lives!