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Baby it’s a Freaking Tundra Outside!

You guys, I’m cold.  Like, really cold.  Like, can’t feel my toes, wake up in the middle of the night because my nose is freezing and if I stuff it under the comforter I’ll suffocate but I still consider doing it, cold.  Our town in Ohio (and let’s be honest, most of the midwest, or the country at this point) is trying to get warm, thanks to this wild start to our winter with far below zero windchills, a bomb cyclone (which sounds more like a move in figure skating), and today, we are enjoying freezing rain and fog.  Ah, the joys of country living!

On the bright side (New Year’s resolution #3- I will be more positive this year), I had yet ANOTHER day off of school today to spend contemplating ways to get warm.  Allow me to enlighten you:

1. Get off the computer and step away from the couch
2. Drag heating pad from closet, turn on high, and return to computer and couch
3. Drink four cups of scalding hot match tea (mmm…delish)
4. Dump scalding tea on legs in effort to wipe toddler’s nose for the two-thousandth time
5. Jump up and down screaming in pain…wow, cardio really does warm you up!

In all seriousness, here are some better ways I am attempting to stay warm during these painful temperatures:

1. Drink massive amounts of scalding Matcha tea (I wasn’t kidding about this.  I am IN LOVE with all the matcha, my new favorite brand is David’s Tea. They are based out of Canada and their amazing chain has TWO stores in the Columbus area (Polaris and Easton)!  Check out THIS post I did, talking about my affinity for it’s caffeinated goodness.

2. Stay cozy by dressing in layers.  People, I bought this cardigan by Barefoot Dreams when we were visiting Savannah in June (HOT and HUMID, two things I would pretty much kill for, right now) at One Fish, Two Fish, a fabulous little boutique that carried everything from furniture to coffee table books and jewelry.  If you are ever in the area, it’s a MUST. The cardigan is soft and cozy and feels like you are wrapped in a blanket! The brand is all about these elements, one of the reasons I love them!

3.While many people swear by their slippers, my feet refuse to cooperate when confined.  Plus, I was taught to remove my shoes when I walked into our house growing up, and putting on shoes (even house shoes, which just sounds like an old lady thing!) in the house feels like I am going to get in trouble.  However, I am a fan of slipper socks like these, and when those happen to be in the laundry, my go to sock of choice are my Bomba’s, which I was introduced to through a co-worker gift.  These socks are amazing, hold up well to wear and wash, and have a slightly cushiony feel underfoot. Bonus?  Right now they are offering 20% off your first order or 25% off when you refer two friends!

4. Get up and MOVE!  Okay, not technically going to be something that you relish doing after a long day of work, so do it BEFORE!  Yes, I am aware how early that means you will be waking, however, I have found that I am much more alert, happy, and much less cold after a brisk walk or some interval training on my treadmill.  Another option is the below 100 calorie workout.  I am a fan of the quick, but effective options for working out.

5.  When none of the above seem like a viable option, give in and snuggle up…to a blanket scarf, of course!  Below are some of my favorite looks for winter, which means oversized and soft.  Believe me, you will NOT be cold with a blanket scarf, even in below freezing temperatures, and I have been an unwilling participant in that study!

Stay warm my friends, spring will be here soon (I hope!)