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Day Date?!?

Whenever my husband suggests a night out without the girls, I simultaneously jump at the offer all the while internally groaning. It’s not that I don’t want quality time sans kids, it’s that I know we will be out late, the girls will inevitably wake up earlier the next morning and then I will spend the entire weekend running on empty. My kids’ ability to recognize that mom and dad have had a late night and should obviously wake up SUPER DUPER early to tell me how much they missed me is impressive. Yes, I adore that they ‘missed’ me, but why oh why is it never DAD that they choose to wake? Or why is it that I am the only adult that hears the baby monitor go off each morning? Must be women’s intuition…yeah, right.

That’s why the ‘date night’ that was on the agenda this past weekend was adjusted to a ‘day date’. We tried something a little different, where mom gets to enjoy herself, too! My MIL is in town from Arizona, visiting with her favorite little Barbie wannabes, and I’m not going to lie, anytime my MIL or my mom offer to ‘watch the kids’, I wholeheartedly take advantage! Because we do not live close to any family, and babysitting costs me my left arm (and sometimes my leg and additional arm, depending on the amount of remaining sanity I am clinging to at any given time) these days, we tend to just hang at home. Regardless, I scheduled a mandatory brunch date with Justin yesterday at one of my favorite local restaurants, La Chatelaine.

The breakfast pastries at La Chatelaine are worth every calorie! The rich french menu (not to mention the way the owners and all of the workers are french transplants and say ‘oui’ with that distinct accent) draws me in, time and time again. Their breakfast is to die for, especially the Croque-Monsieurs and delicious homemade macaroons! I’m starting to drool on the keyboard just thinking about this melt in your mouth delicious taste of the old country (of which, I hope to one day eat my way through).

What on earth could you possibly do on a ‘day’ date that tops a fancy schmancy evening one? So glad you asked! I love to have an agenda (and I am a planner to a fault) so we started off with a leisurely breakfast and when I could no longer squeeze any more caffeine out of my blackberry tea leaves, we hopped in the car and headed for the Scioto Mile to enjoy a gorgeous fall day (I didn’t even bat an eye at the overcast sky, it was freaking 75 degrees in NOVEMBER!!!) We walked along the water for a bit with uninterrupted conversation (impossible to do with a six year old and an extremely vocal 18 month old), taking in the fall foliage and the random parkour guy who I truly still believe was really just a mugger running from the scene. I kid you not, he jumped a wall, ended up with a gash on his forehead, and then took off under a bridge towards the water. Justin tells me not to stare, but how do you not, when he is very clearly looking like he is about to jump into the river in his hoodie? Honestly, I saw him one second and then he was gone. I SWEAR he jumped in…

Yanked back to reality by Justin’s arm…we headed for the safety of street level trails and make our way to the Short North for some leisurely browsing where I can promise that I did not let my credit card company down. Do you blame me?  It’s Homage and On Paper, where I bought these delicious candles by the Milkhouse Creamery, that resembled old-fashioned milk glasses to include in my Christmas gifts!  We continued around the area, taking in some of the fun street art, and wrapped up our afternoon with lunch at Melt, where I indulged in the Chicken and Waffles option (why yes,I would like some carbs with my carbs) and subsequently pretended we were young and unburdened, while focusing most of our conversations on kid topics.  Ironic, isn’t it?!?  

Love the brilliant colors of the Short North, Columbus, Ohio
Street art in Columbus, Ohio

All in all, it was a wonderful day that went far too quickly. I adore walking through the door and seeing their sweet, smiling faces, but oh, how I love the time when it’s just the two of us, as well.  

My outfit:
Top- Anthropologie- sold out; Find a similar one here
Denim- these dark skinny jeans from Express I practically live in these days
Scarf- Express Sample Sale; Similar one here
Michael Kors Flats- worth every penny. My go-to ‘walking’ shoe
Bag- Stella & Dot Valencia Tote