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Christmas Break: What to do, what to do…

The assignments were graded, the assessments were scored.  The out of office response said ‘NO’! To late work anymore.  I straightened my desk up and unplugged the fridge, then danced down the hall and sped out of there quick.  Yeah, I definitely do not have a future in songwriting, but you know what I do… Continue reading Christmas Break: What to do, what to do…

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Look on the Bright Side

With all that is going on in our world today, finding the good in each day proves difficult for me on many days. I used to love sitting in the quiet early morning with my tea, watching Good Morning America and having a few minutes to myself before the rush of our days began. These… Continue reading Look on the Bright Side


Life in the 30A Corridor

After a week of recovering from our vacation and being so incredibly thankful that our family was able to spend time together and get away, I thought I would share our experience with everyone that might be looking for a new place to explore whenever this country is able to fully open once again (it… Continue reading Life in the 30A Corridor


Listen up!

This weekend could NOT be better, weather-wise! Sunny, mid-sixties, a slight breeze. It's almost like a fall temp. and I adore the fall. Which means I intend to spend the majority of the day outside again, just like we did yesterday. If you're into weekend vibes of getting stuff done and enjoying every second, might… Continue reading Listen up!

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Combating Boredom: Part 1 of MANY

Ugh...week 5 of our stay at home order in Ohio started this morning. I'm sure you can relate to my 'blah' feelings towards this new normal. At first it wasn't awful, we were all together and we were making it work and finding creative ways to stay busy, aside from our strange new work days.… Continue reading Combating Boredom: Part 1 of MANY

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Spring Break or Summer Travels? Here’s what I’m ordering!

While we're staying home for Spring Break this year to celebrate Emerson's 4th birthday with friends and family, I'm prepping for our June vacation to Destin's 30A corridor in advance so I don't miss out on some fabulous styles and prices. Between living in an area that isn't exactly next door to a shopping mecca… Continue reading Spring Break or Summer Travels? Here’s what I’m ordering!


Short on Time? Two Simple Recipes that can be Prepped in Advance!

My oldest is a joiner.  FREQUENTLY. She has dipped her toe into many organizations and sports over the last several years.  This year is no different. On any given day she can be found building pinewood derby cars (a glittery blue truck?) for cub scouts, learning about the Bible at her PSR class through our… Continue reading Short on Time? Two Simple Recipes that can be Prepped in Advance!


Health and Fitness, where I started.

Your health and fitness should be a personal, guiding principle in your life.  If it’s not, make it a priority otherwise you’ll end up missing out on a lot! For me, getting strong was my first goal.  So, I started with the authority on building strength, Mark Rippetoe. If you don’t know Mark's work, he’s… Continue reading Health and Fitness, where I started.